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Rainbow Vending was purchased by CANTEEN vending in 2011, and now operates all contracts initiated by Rainbow Vending as CANTEEN vending.

In November of 2010, Rainbow Vending and Office Coffee Services in San Diego, California was awarded the city's contract for vending machine operations on all city properties. Per the vending contract, Rainbow Vending and Office Coffee Services is the Official Vending Partner of the City of San Diego. Immediately, Rainbow Vending started servicing, stocking, and maintaining the elderly 130+ vending machines currently on city properties. In addition, Rainbow Vending started upgrading and replacing the most elderly of these vending machines with energy efficient models.
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Soon after the initial installation, Rainbow Vending and Office Coffee Services was purchased by CANTEEN Vending. CANTEEN Vending, a member of the Compass Group, represents the largest group of Vending Machine Service providers in the United States. CANTEEN Vending operates vending machines in every major market in the United States, and with their acquisition of Rainbow Vending in San Diego, just expanded their service area south from Los Angeles. Through the subsequent transition, Rainbow Vending personnel were rebadged with CANTEEN credentials, and the customers, including the City, maintained superior vending and office coffee services throughout. In addition, CANTEEN's size, buying power, maintenance resources, and advertising agreements added further benefits to the City's contractual vending position.

CANTEEN, with over 200 offices nationwide gives Rainbow Vending the buying power, size, and expertise to offer the city of San Diego even more for less. The Rainbow Vending Service Personnel that earned the city of San Diego's trust by providing over 4 decades of superior Office Coffee and Vending Machine Services are still here, with CANTEEN VENDING uniforms on. Our team's dedication to the city's Vending Machine and Office Coffee Services has been proven a success and continues to be every day.

With uninterrupted services, over hundreds of machines, we have shown that our Vending Machine Professionals are able, ready, and willing to handle your Vending Machine needs too.
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Rainbow Vending and Office Coffee Services of San Diego is the local's choice for office and corporate refreshment. With over 40 years of dedicated local service, built on word of mouth advertising, our locally owned and operated vending firm has grown to one of the largest in the valley. In November of 2010, Rainbow Vending was recognized for it's professional excellence, value, and service when it was selected as the "Official Vending Machine Supplier for the City of San Diego".
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The competition for the City of San Diego Vending Contract was held over the first 3 quarters of 2010. On November 11, 2010, the city council voted Rainbow Vending the winner of the city's vending contract. The council's decision was based on diversity of products offered, state of the art vending machine technology, the ability to scale the city's current vending machine infrastructure up hundreds of machines, beneficial advertising opportunities, commission structure, and overall value. The City Council selected Rainbow Vending in front of six of our Esteemed Colleagues whose offers included their best pricing.

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Offering the complete line of Pepsi, Coke, Dole, Aquafina, Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck, Frito Lay, M&M Mars, Kellogs, etc., Rainbow Vending & Office Coffee Services is second to none. No refreshment services provider in the area can boast more items, from more vendors, or at better prices. Our relationships, cultivated and developed over the last 40 years, help Rainbow Vending to provide the city the widest variety of items for their vending machines at unbelievable pricing. Our buying power, history, advertising relationships, and dedication to providing professional vending services to each and every one of our clients was the reason the City selected Rainbow as their official provider. Isn't it time your team made the smart decision to outsource your vending and office coffee services to the best?

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