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Canteen Vending Machines in San Diego History

With over 40 years of local vending machine and office coffee service, and the eldest and largest national vending company behind us, we have quite a rich history in the vending industry. Canteen San Diego History

In 1967 Rainbow Vending opened for business under the leadership of its founder, Charles Harward. He was later joined by partners Brad Bradford & Bernie Lind. Without the advantages of an aggressive sales staff or expensive marketing strategies, this vending and office coffee business grew exclusively by word of mouth and honest hard work..

Greg Carron started his own vending business in 1977 with just 3 juice machines. Over the next 11 years he grew the business, and then merged with Rainbow in 1988. Other partners who joined Rainbow Vending, including Don Martin, then retired or sold their stake along the way; with Greg Carron buying 100% in 2003. At that point Rainbow was doing about $10M in annual revenue. Happy customers and great employees helped Greg build his business into the largest vending and coffee service operation in San Diego.

In 1977, about the same time Greg started his business, John Sowell and his wife Shirley realized the need to supplement his U. S. Marine Corps retirement pay. Two children ready for college certainly reaffirmed this realization. Beginning a vending machine business out of their garage in Vista, California, the Sowell's installed their initial juice machine at Security Chevrolet in Vista, CA. They built that little garage business, North County Vending, into the largest independently owned refreshment service operation west of the Mississippi, with 11 branches in 7 states..

On July 15th of 2011, Greg sold Rainbow Vending to Compass Group and its Canteen Vending Division. Two months later John & Shirley followed suit and sold North County Vending to Compass Group as well.

From the first sale in 1967 by Rainbow Vending, along with the first sales by Greg Carron and John & Shirley Sowell in 1977, to today, the standard of service remains the same; TREAT EACH CUSTOMER AS IF THEY WERE THE FIRST.

The people who were most effected by the sales of the two companies, the Rainbow Vending & North County Vending employees, are still here today, with different uniforms on. Proud to know that you, our customers made us who we are today.

Today, Rainbow Vending, along with the San Diego County operations of North County Vending, operates as Canteen San Diego. We are now able to bring even more options to our wonderful, loyal customers. Our staff is able to leverage Compass' buying power, equipment contacts, nationwide network of trained service expertise, and much more. Not only does our team stand ready to continue what we started, we now can offer you even more.

Canteen Vending National Coverage
Canteen is the only national vending operating company in the United States, and the largest. With over 200 branch networks, franchise locations, and services centers in the lower 48 states, Canteen Vending's reach is second to none. With access to vendors, equipment, food, and drinks we can always deliver what you need, when you want it. Long before you need it.
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Customer Pleasing Innovations from the Largest Vending Group in the World!
Canteen Vending's track record of innovation began in 1929. Company founder, Nathaniel Leverone, built his business strategy around three timeless principles; integrity, customer focus and innovation. We continue the great tradition by listening to our customers and continually redefining the vending experience with new quality initiatives that provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Have a suggestion? Send it to our Canteen Vending Regional office here.

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