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Healthy Food from a Vending Machine

Yes, it can, and is done. We stock these food vending machines daily to make sure it's fresh. Food? From a Vending machine?
Healthy Food from a vending machine?
How do I reduce driving time for employees on snack runs?
These, and many similar questions, are routine for the staff at CANTEEN San Diego. Since we stock food vending machines daily, we know it's fresh. No, this has not become a routine; it's the attention to detail that makes us better. Our staff has been helping clients provide healthy, savory, and yes, tasty food from vending machines for decades. So not only "Yes", it can be done, but CANTEEN can show you how to do so too. All right here for you in sunny San Diego, California.

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Allow CANTEEN vending in San Diego to serve the needs of your school, providing both nutritionally, and satisfying options. CANTEEN understands the myriad of issues involved with on-campus and school vending systems. Our expert vending staff is adept with the issues regarding student access to beverages and snacks. We are here to help you meet federal, state, and local laws and guidelines, while still providing the necessary drinks and snacks to please the students day to day.

Obesity, malnutrition, and a host of other issues are a concern when discussing the health of children and adolescents in today's society. These student's health is a serious issue, and what snacks are made available has both nutritional and social consequences. CANTEEN understands that these issues are of great concern to parents and school administrators alike. We agree that teaching healthy behaviors at a young age is important and are here to help you with your efforts. CANTEEN San Diego works, and will continue to work with local school officials to ensure the vending needs of the schools in which we are operating are being serviced while promoting the well being of young people as our first priority.


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